Chess table «Gambit»

Chess table «Gambit»

Exquisite handmade chess table for your drawing room. Price - € 770.

This handmade table combines aestetic appeal with functionality. You can use it as a cocktail table in your parlor or billiard room, as a coffee table in your office. Accompanied by forged chairs in traditional french style it forms a harmonious composition and establishes the mood of the room. The intricate floral patterns and twisted curls reminiscent of Richelieu era with it's court intrigues and chivalry romanticism. Perhaps, the famous cardinal once played chess at the table like this one.

  • Technique: artistic forging, handmade mosaic.
  • Materials: natural mother of pearl, smalt, forged metal.
  • Dimensions: 61 x 61 x 78 cm (length, width, height).

Photos of the chess table «Gambit»

Handmade chess table «Gambit»