The painting «Monastery» is an open-air landscape of Julia Ternovskaya

Painting «Monastery»

By Julia Ternovskaya.

  • Technique: canvas, acrylic.
  • Dimensions: 87 x 130 cm.

Yulia Ternovskaya's open-air landscape «Monastery» is made in the Greek Meteora, which unites 20 convents. The place was named because of frequent fogs, when the cloisters located on the tops of the rocks look «floating» in the air. The painting shows one of the most beautiful places of this monastic «republic» - the nunnery of St. Barbara («Rusanu»). 

The author was able to convey the solitude of monastic life, the grandeur of the surrounding mountains, the atmosphere of greatness and peace. Yulia Ternovskaya's beautiful poetic artwork will be the «soul» of your home.

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