Painting «Horses»

Painting «Horses»

Author - Konstantin Dverin.

  • Technique: canvas, oil.
  • Dimensions: 275 x 145 cm.

People's admiration by horses beauty and nobility was reflected in paintings of all historical epochs. Horses are depicted in artworks of different genres: from battle scenes to animalistic portraits. These animals became a symbol of perfection, power and wealth for many peoples regardless of their culture and traditions.

The composion and expression of painting «Horses» remind Leonardo da Vinci lost fresco «The Battle of Anghiari», known for the numerous later copies. In both artworks the shapes and the characters of the animals are carefully painted, the dynamism of the scene is emphasized. But Dverin's horses are free, and their movements are more likely a game than a battle.

The paintings of contemporary artists are inexpensive. Some works purchased today to decorate an interior, in the future could make a collection and worth a fortune, for their price is doubling every year.

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