Картина «Медуза Горгона»

Painting «Medusa Gorgon»

By Julia Ternovskaya.

  • Technique: canvas, acrylic, light clay.
  • Dimensions: 85 x 85 cm.

«Medusa Gorgon» is interior painting by Julia Ternovskaya. The painting plot is based on ancient Greek myth about daughter of the sea elder Fork, Medusa, that was turned by Athena into a monster with serpents instead of hair. On the painting Medusa is depicted during her transformation. The malicious snakes frame her face, her fierce gaze follows the painting viewer and seeks to turn him into a stone. It seems that Medusa is watching the observer, whatever he is on the canvas or not.

The painting «Medusa Gorgon» will suit to loft or grunge style interiors.

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