Painting «Minotaur» - avant-garde style

Painting «Minotaur»

By Julia Ternovskaya.

  • Technique: canvas, acrylic, light clay.
  • Dimensions: 75 x 95 cm.

The painting «Minotaur» is inspired by the Greek myth about the monster with human body and bull head. He was hidden in the maze by tzar Minos. Every 9 years the Minotaur   demanded the human sacrifices until Theseus defeated him.

The painting is done in avant-garde style. The image of the Minotaur is deliberately simplified, almost schematic. His head and figure are marked with colorful spots, some parts of the body are finely depicted. The main colors of the painting are dark blue, that symbolize the gloomy inner world of the monster.

The avant-garde style painting suits to the high-tech or industrial style interiors. In gray and white colored rooms painting «Minotaur» will be the bright spot, wich attracts everybody's attention.

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