Coffee tables from art furniture collection

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Looking for coffee table for your home or office? Choose any from our collection created by furniture designer Julia Ternovskaya.

Coffee table usually occupies a central place in a room and always attracts guests attention. So it is necessary to select this piece of furniture scrupulously. You should take into consideration the table size, shape, style and materials of which it is made. One can buy traditional coffee table in any online store. Furniture industry giants (Ikea, Hoff) offer a lot of standard variants to choose from. But it is most unlikely that people, who value individuality and personalization, would be contented with standard furniture in their living space. A typical coffee table from Ikea probably will not suit a fashionable loft, a vintage cottage interior or a grunge styled studio.

For the most demanding customers we prepared a great collection of cocktail and coffee tables, designed for different interior styles. All our coffee tables are made of natural materials with use of original techniques. Art forged tables with tops decorated with handmade mosaic of smalt and natural mother-of-pearl have organic forms and elegant lines. Each mosaic pattern is unique. Some console tables in our collection are hand-painted and decorated with geode of amethyst.

We hope our collection will attract attention of professional interior designers, who use author's furniture in their projects. Some of our coffee tables are showed in gallery section of this website. The entire collection is exhibited in Riga art studio.


Hand-forged coffee table with mosaic top


You can choose and buy any item from our collection. We will deliver your purchase to the address you specified.

If you have not decided yet, table of what style, size and shape you prefer, please take a look at our designers tips.

Coffee table for your living room

If you have spacious living room, where often a lot of guests gather, choose a large coffee table with a square or rectangular table top. You can surround it with two sofas and place all of your guests conveniently. Sometimes it is more rational to replace one large table with two small ones. They do not clutter the interior and can be easily adapted to the number of guests.


square coffee table


For a small living room it is more practical to choose a small round cocktail table with a thin exquisite base. Being devoid of sharp angles, in a small room it does not add obstacles to moving people.


small cocktail table with a thin forged base


When picking a coffee table, pay attention to its height. It should be comfortable for tea or coffee drinking. The side tables height is usually about 40 - 50 cm. The table top length for a small parlor should be about 1/3 of sofa length. And for a spacious room it could reach a half of sofa length.

Coffee table for a bedroom

A small console table or corner table with an embedded lamp will be the reasonable choice for a bedroom. They are not only decorative, but also very functional. They could serve as a dressing table or as coffee table for a morning tea or even as a desk for laptop.


small console table corner table


The design and shape of your coffee table should harmonise with your bedroom interior style. For example, wrought table «A wave» with its artistically curved base would suit the Vintage or Art Deco bedroom. Simple and light design of corner table «Lumiere» matches perfectly to contemporary style interior.

Coffee table for your office or home workspace

Any office or home workspace needs a coffee table for visitors. Functional and strictly square-shaped coffee tables with a minimum of decorative details are common choice for offices, waiting rooms, reception areas, lobbies. For this purpose our collection could offer handmade table «Labyrinth» with mosaic top. The home workspace furnishings give the creative minds much more room for imagination. Depending on room style and your preferences you can choose traditional cocktail table «Gambit» or exotic hand-painted console table «Fiery Tree» with stone decorated base.

The marvelous cocktail table «Flower Glade» could become a zest of a lady's private space or boudoir. The exclusive art furniture item will indicate the flawless taste of its owner.


coffee table Flower Glade for bedroom or boudoir


In conclusion have a look to some photos of interiors, where our coffee tables would find their natural place.

Interiors photos

Coffee table in a loft interior

Coffee table in a loft interior


Chess table in a  grunge style interior

Chess table in a grunge style interior

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